A talented team of creative writers, artistic designers, patient account managers and numerous others make the magic happen at FUSE Media+. Our headquarters are strategically positioned in paradise, a few blocks from Sarasota Bay pictured above.


Jules Lewis Gibson

A serial entrepreneur, Jules has a unique ability to fuse her instincts for marketing strategy with boundless creativity which has resulted in numerous successful ventures as an international art and antique dealer, marketing and advertising agency principal, nightclub owner, luxury real estate broker and magazine publisher. A graduate of Tulane University with degrees in Art History and Photography, she has garnered invaluable experience over her 25-year career.

In 2011, she set out on a new challenge by acquiring Florida Homes Magazine. The media industry provided a fresh canvas where the entirety of her skills could be utilized in exciting new ways. In 2014, she created FUSE Media+ to serve as an umbrella company for her growing titles and custom publishing division. As she navigates the changing landscape of media in the digital age, Jules is dedicated to developing innovative brands that engage niche audiences across all legacy and new media platforms.

In her non-work life, Jules can be found on a baseball field, tennis court or floating in the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico with her sons, Zachary and Nicholas.

Motto for 2017: “Go confidently into the direction of your dreams.”

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Mechell Lord

Mechell has a passion for connecting whether it being businesses to their customers, leadership to their teams or individuals to their passion.  Some previous positions include; Interim President, CEO, CMO, Franchise Sales Coach, Director of Franchise Digital Sales Development, Franchise Digital Specialist and Chief Connector. Some of Mechell’s business experience includes the creation and facilitation of onsite and virtual training programs for Microsoft and Google pilot programs with COX Target Media/Valpak. Working onsite at Microsoft in WA on the Bing Card Linked Offers pilot program as well as with the Google Offers team to develop a pilot for franchise sales teams to sell Google Offers. Invited and attended Google’s first GIFA (Google International Franchise Association Summit), COX Media Group Leadership Program, COX Enterprises Mentor program and enrolled in the Certified Franchise Executive Program.

 Vanessa Houston

Having taken a circuitous path through the publishing, marketing and nonprofit realms during the course of her career, Vanessa has enthusiastically returned to her true love for writing, editing and all things creative. In recent years she has made significant editorial contributions to a number of award-winning works of poetry and fiction. Her keen eye and subtle sass help fuel FUSE’s mission of producing informative, thought-provoking and entertaining publications. While her roots are firmly planted in Charm City, and her heart longs for the din of Manhattan, she has grown to truly appreciate the magic of that Sarasota sunshine.

Resolution for 2017: “I aim to confidently try new things, without the fear of failing.”

Melissa Mellert

Since graduating from Ringling School of Art and Design in 2004, Melissa has amassed 10 years of graphic design experience working for national and local publications including Women’s Running and New Beauty. She has also been the Art Director for photo shoots with a wide range of themes—notably food, fitness, lifestyle and celebrity covers. When she’s not exercising her creative muscle, she keeps active as an avid soccer player and runner. But she always makes time for her true love: animal activism, and, of course, cuddling with her six rescue kitties (and her husband).

Resolution for 2017: “I want to finish the projects I start quickly—especially getting our new house in order just in time to throw some summertime pool parties!”

Kate Ritz

Kate is currently in her senior year at USFSM pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Professional & Technical Communication. Born and raised in Sarasota, she has hopes to move somewhere north after graduation if the opportunity presents itself.  She ultimately would like a career with a magazine so she can continue using her creative writing skills.

Resolution for 2017: “To use my planner to help stay on top of my hectic schedule!”

Kristen Reidy

Kristen is an avid reader and aspiring writer. Her interests include gender and women’s studies, as well as modern and contemporary literature with a focus in poetry. Originally from Fort Lauderdale, she moved to Tampa four years ago to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences and English Literary Studies at the University of South Florida.

Resolution for 2017: “One thing I’m always working on is a better sleep schedule for myself…and I hope to travel more.”

Dani Baars

Dani is from the Tampa area and is a student in graphic design technology. She is currently learning some of the processes involved with web publishing and design. In her spare time she enjoys reading and listening to music.

Resolution for 2017: “I want to become more physically fit.”

Buttercup Gibson

As the office’s newly elected CDO (Chief Distraction Officer), Buttercup is a welcome addition to the FUSE team. Her insightful contributions to editorial meetings have been invaluable.

Resolution for 2017: “My goals this year are to learn to potty outdoors, and to not bark for snacks at lunchtime.”


 Chelsea Bellrose

Talented artist and illustrator Chelsea mixes hand-drawn and digital elements to create an aesthetic that is clean but fun and full of character. Her mediums of choice include watercolor, pen and ink, lithography and screen printing, allowing her superb drafting skills to translate into a variety of styles and outcomes. Her flair and unique sense of humor perfectly complement the FUSE vibe.

Carol Wise

Carol, based in Saint Louis, turns her eagle eye to the page for straightforward, experienced, no-nonsense proofreading and editing. She received her training at the University of Chicago from the very editors who publish the Chicago Manual of Style. She has a Ph.D. with 16 years of experience teaching at top American universities. Her work—as editor, writer and ghostwriter—has earned numerous prestigious literary awards.

Austin Holt

With over a decade of experience writing and editing for some of the largest lifestyle magazines and custom publishing houses in the American South, Austin maintains the highest standards of creativity.  As a trained journalist, he knows how to peel away the layers of the onion to arrive at the core of a story, and deftly weaves ideas into compelling copy. He is a true artist, which is apparent in his written words and in his exceptional work as a professional photographer.      |     941.227.7331

1900 Main Street, suite 312, Sarasota, FL 34236